Multiway Attention Networks for Modeling Sentence Pairs

Modeling sentence pairs plays the vital role for judging the relationship between two sentences, such as paraphrase identification, natural language inference, and answer sentence selection. Previous work achieves very promising results using neural networks with attention mechanism. In this paper, we propose the multiway attention networks which employ multiple attention functions to match sentence pairs under the matching-aggregation framework. Specifically, we design four attention functions to match words in corresponding sentences. Then, we aggregate the matching information from each function, and combine the information from all functions to obtain the final representation. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed multiway attention networks improve the result on the Quora Question Pairs, SNLI, MultiNLI, and answer sentence selection task on the SQuAD dataset.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Paraphrase Identification Quora Question Pairs MwAN Accuracy 89.12 # 11
Natural Language Inference SNLI 150D Multiway Attention Network Ensemble % Test Accuracy 89.4 # 16
% Train Accuracy 95.5 # 9
Parameters 58m # 4
Natural Language Inference SNLI 150D Multiway Attention Network % Test Accuracy 88.3 # 35
% Train Accuracy 94.5 # 15
Parameters 14m # 4


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