Salesforce CausalAI Library: A Fast and Scalable Framework for Causal Analysis of Time Series and Tabular Data

We introduce the Salesforce CausalAI Library, an open-source library for causal analysis using observational data. It supports causal discovery and causal inference for tabular and time series data, of both discrete and continuous types. This library includes algorithms that handle linear and non-linear causal relationships between variables, and uses multi-processing for speed-up. We also include a data generator capable of generating synthetic data with specified structural equation model for both the aforementioned data formats and types, that helps users control the ground-truth causal process while investigating various algorithms. Finally, we provide a user interface (UI) that allows users to perform causal analysis on data without coding. The goal of this library is to provide a fast and flexible solution for a variety of problems in the domain of causality. This technical report describes the Salesforce CausalAI API along with its capabilities, the implementations of the supported algorithms, and experiments demonstrating their performance and speed. Our library is available at \url{}.

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