Multi-Scale Attention Network for Crowd Counting

In crowd counting datasets, people appear at different scales, depending on their distance from the camera. To address this issue, we propose a novel multi-branch scale-aware attention network that exploits the hierarchical structure of convolutional neural networks and generates, in a single forward pass, multi-scale density predictions from different layers of the architecture. To aggregate these maps into our final prediction, we present a new soft attention mechanism that learns a set of gating masks. Furthermore, we introduce a scale-aware loss function to regularize the training of different branches and guide them to specialize on a particular scale. As this new training requires annotations for the size of each head, we also propose a simple, yet effective technique to estimate them automatically. Finally, we present an ablation study on each of these components and compare our approach against the literature on 4 crowd counting datasets: UCF-QNRF, ShanghaiTech A & B and UCF_CC_50. Our approach achieves state-of-the-art on all them with a remarkable improvement on UCF-QNRF (+25% reduction in error).

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