SynthRef: Generation of Synthetic Referring Expressions for Object Segmentation

Recent advances in deep learning have brought significant progress in visual grounding tasks such as language-guided video object segmentation. However, collecting large datasets for these tasks is expensive in terms of annotation time, which represents a bottleneck. To this end, we propose a novel method, namely SynthRef, for generating synthetic referring expressions for target objects in an image (or video frame), and we also present and disseminate the first large-scale dataset with synthetic referring expressions for video object segmentation. Our experiments demonstrate that by training with our synthetic referring expressions one can improve the ability of a model to generalize across different datasets, without any additional annotation cost. Moreover, our formulation allows its application to any object detection or segmentation dataset.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Uses Extra
Training Data
Referring Expression Segmentation DAVIS 2017 (val) RefVOS J&F 1st frame 45.1 # 5
Referring Expression Segmentation DAVIS 2017 (val) RefVOS + SynthRef-YouTube-VIS J&F 1st frame 45.3 # 4
J&F Full video 44.8 # 3
Referring Expression Segmentation Refer-YouTube-VOS RefVOS-Human REs Precision@0.5 38.6 # 2
Precision@0.9 6.9 # 1
Mean IoU 39.5 # 1
Referring Expression Segmentation Refer-YouTube-VOS RefVOS-Synthetic REs Precision@0.5 32.3 # 1
Precision@0.9 1.8 # 2
Mean IoU 35.0 # 2


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