The "something something" video database for learning and evaluating visual common sense

ICCV 2017 Raghav Goyal • Samira Ebrahimi Kahou • Vincent Michalski • Joanna Materzyńska • Susanne Westphal • Heuna Kim • Valentin Haenel • Ingo Fruend • Peter Yianilos • Moritz Mueller-Freitag • Florian Hoppe • Christian Thurau • Ingo Bax • Roland Memisevic

Neural networks trained on datasets such as ImageNet have led to major advances in visual object classification. One obstacle that prevents networks from reasoning more deeply about complex scenes and situations, and from integrating visual knowledge with natural language, like humans do, is their lack of common sense knowledge about the physical world. Videos, unlike still images, contain a wealth of detailed information about the physical world.

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