Uncertainty-aware Incremental Learning for Multi-organ Segmentation

Most existing approaches to train a unified multi-organ segmentation model from several single-organ datasets require simultaneously access multiple datasets during training. In the real scenarios, due to privacy and ethics concerns, the training data of the organs of interest may not be publicly available... To this end, we investigate a data-free incremental organ segmentation scenario and propose a novel incremental training framework to solve it. We use the pretrained model instead of its own training data for privacy protection. Specifically, given a pretrained $K$ organ segmentation model and a new single-organ dataset, we train a unified $K+1$ organ segmentation model without accessing any data belonging to the previous training stages. Our approach consists of two parts: the background label alignment strategy and the uncertainty-aware guidance strategy. The first part is used for knowledge transfer from the pretained model to the training model. The second part is used to extract the uncertainty information from the pretrained model to guide the whole knowledge transfer process. By combing these two strategies, more reliable information is extracted from the pretrained model without original training data. Experiments on multiple publicly available pretrained models and a multi-organ dataset MOBA have demonstrated the effectiveness of our framework. read more

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