Volumetric Super-Resolution of Multispectral Data

Most multispectral remote sensors (e.g. QuickBird, IKONOS, and Landsat 7 ETM+) provide low-spatial high-spectral resolution multispectral (MS) or high-spatial low-spectral resolution panchromatic (PAN) images, separately. In order to reconstruct a high-spatial/high-spectral resolution multispectral image volume, either the information in MS and PAN images are fused (i.e. pansharpening) or super-resolution reconstruction (SRR) is used with only MS images captured on different dates. Existing methods do not utilize temporal information of MS and high spatial resolution of PAN images together to improve the resolution. In this paper, we propose a multiframe SRR algorithm using pansharpened MS images, taking advantage of both temporal and spatial information available in multispectral imagery, in order to exceed spatial resolution of given PAN images. We first apply pansharpening to a set of multispectral images and their corresponding PAN images captured on different dates. Then, we use the pansharpened multispectral images as input to the proposed wavelet-based multiframe SRR method to yield full volumetric SRR. The proposed SRR method is obtained by deriving the subband relations between multitemporal MS volumes. We demonstrate the results on Landsat 7 ETM+ images comparing our method to conventional techniques.

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