WNUT-2020 Task 1 Overview: Extracting Entities and Relations from Wet Lab Protocols

EMNLP (WNUT) 2020  ยท  Jeniya Tabassum, Sydney Lee, Wei Xu, Alan Ritter ยท

This paper presents the results of the wet lab information extraction task at WNUT 2020. This task consisted of two sub tasks: (1) a Named Entity Recognition (NER) task with 13 participants and (2) a Relation Extraction (RE) task with 2 participants. We outline the task, data annotation process, corpus statistics, and provide a high-level overview of the participating systems for each sub task.

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Introduced in the Paper:

WNUT 2020

Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Relation Extraction WNUT 2020 Baseline Precision 80.1 # 1
Recall 66.21 # 1
F1 72.5 # 1
Named Entity Recognition (NER) WNUT 2020 Baseline Precision 70.06 # 1
Recall 61.91 # 1
F1 65.73 # 3


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