Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim a paper?

You can claim a paper using our OpenReview Portal. Log in to the portal, and you will find a list of papers available to claim. You can search by any paper metadata (title, authors) in the search box, as well as choose the conference in the drop-down menu. Then, once you click the link of the paper you are interested in, you will find the paper forum, where you will find a “Add Claim” button to submit your claim.

Can I claim multiple papers?

Yes, you can claim multiple papers. Although we advise not to claim too many papers as that would increase your workload.

The paper I want to work on has already been claimed. Can I claim it too?

You can if you want to, but try to work on papers which haven’t been claimed. This will ensure broader coverage of the challenge, as well as give you a competitive advantage. (Remember multiple reports on the same paper have to compete among themselves!)

Can I delete my original claim?

Yes, you can delete your claim(s). Head over to “Your Consoles” tab and click “Author Console”, where you can find the list of claims with your account. You can click on the delete button to remove your claim.

How many team members are allowed?

Any number of team members are allowed.

Do all team members have to be from the same institution?

Not at all, we encourage cross-institute participation! In that case, add the institutions of your team members in a comma separated format in the claims and report submission forms in OpenReview.

Do I have to add team members based on author order?

No, author order will depend on your final report.

Can I add more authors after making a claim?

Yes, you can add more authors if you want during your final report submission.

Do I need to be registered at a course to participate?

No, you can participate independently on your own. Participation from industry is especially welcome!

I am a course instructor, how do I participate officially with my course?

Many thanks for your participation! You can just drop us a mail ([email protected]) with details of your course, and we will list it on our website!

I am a course instructor, can I forward my reviews on the reports of my class?

Yes! If your course ends earlier than the submission deadline and you have already graded the assignments, you can directly send us the evaluations! Have your students submit their report in our OpenReview portal, and drop us a mail at [email protected] with the evaluations paired with the submission links.

I am a student participant from a course, but I do not see my course listed?

Please contact your course instructor or TA to send us a mail ([email protected]) to register your course. We will update the website periodically and add new courses.

I am from industry, can I participate?

Yes you can! Please consider sharing the word about the challenge to your peers in your company too!

This is all nice, but what do I gain from participating?

You will first add to the knowledge of the original paper. Peer reviewed reports will be showcased on PapersWithCode and published in the ReScience Journal. We are also planning a worldwide “ML Reproducibility Day” event where authors from high quality peer-reviewed reports will be invited for remote talks. Keep checking our website for more information.

Where can I get GPUs to run experiments?

Check the Resources tab for more information.

Can I contact the authors?

Yes! It is highly recommended to contact the authors of the paper you are reproducing, to clarify doubts and implementation details.

How do I contact the authors?

You can send the authors mail directly to initiate a discussion. The contact details can be found on the paper, which is linked in the pdf of the paper which is available for each paper.

I am an author of a paper listed in the Reproducibility Challenge. How do I get informed about claims and comments on my paper?

OpenReview now supports comments and subscribe facility on all listed papers in ML Reproducibility Challenge. You can easily opt-in to receive notifications! First log in to your OpenReview account, and then navigate to your paper(s) in ML Reproducibility Challenge homepage. In the forum associated with your paper, you can find a dropdown to "Notification Subscription:" and you may choose the subscription types "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe" to follow and unfollow activities surrounding your paper.

How do I get the code of the paper?

You can either search the pdf of the paper for the code, or find the link to PapersWithCode (“HTML” button) page of the paper, which is usually updated with the publicly released code of the authors.

How much of the code am I allowed to use?

There is no restriction on the extent of the original code you can use for the reproducibility effort.

What is the difference between early and late submission?

Early submission (December 4th, 2020) will not be reviewed. All submissions by early submission deadline will be made available to NeurIPS 2020 attendees. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your work to the NeurIPS audience. Comments received during this period will not be used for/against the final reviewing of the report, which will commence after the Final submission deadline (January 8th, 2021).

Is the submission double blind?

Yes, the report to be submitted should be double blind. Even for reports submitted before the Early submission deadline.

What is the format of the report?

You can find the style files of the report here.

Is the Reproducibility Summary section of the report mandatory?

Yes! You should use our style files and add the “Reproducibility Summary” in the first page of your report. Make sure this summary does not exceed the first page. Failure of adding this summary will result in desk rejection.

When I am submitting the report, what should I write in the “Abstract” field?

You should copy your Reproducibility Summary in the abstract field. You should add a line separator between sections, and ensure the summary is properly formatted.

If my report is selected, how do I submit to ReScience?

Once your report is accepted, you will be required to submit the final draft by camera-ready deadline in ReScience journal format. Details of this process will be communicated to you after acceptance notification.

This is super exciting, how can I help?

Thanks for your interest in our challenge! You can help out by spreading the news. If you are a course-instructor you can help by enrolling your course in the challenge. You can also sign up in our reviewer form to be a reviewer for the challenge! (Reviewing duties will be in the early Winter 2021 session, February 2021). If you are a company you can help sponsor by providing compute resources. Please contact us at [email protected] to list your generous offer in the Resources section.