This year, Kaggle will be providing awards in the form of Google Compute Cloud credits to outstanding papers and reviewers. After the ML Reproducibility Challenge announces the acceptance list of the 2022 challenge, Kaggle will award the GCP credits to:

  • The top 5 “Outstanding Papers” will each receive GCP coupons for $25,000.
  • An additional 25 top papers will each receive GCP coupons of $10,000.
  • The top 15 “Outstanding Reviewers” will each receive GCP coupons of $5,000.
  • An additional 10 GCP coupons of $5,000 each will be awarded based on criteria to be announced soon.

Awards will be decided by an Awards committee consisting of Kaggle representatives and members of the MLRC Organizing Committee. Awards are expected to be finalized within 2 months following the announcement of paper acceptance (currently June 15th, 2023).

For eligibility requirements & additional terms please visit Kaggle’s page.