3D Facial Landmark Localization

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Image: Zhang et al

Most implemented papers

Pre-training strategies and datasets for facial representation learning

1adrianb/unsupervised-face-representation 30 Mar 2021

Recent work on Deep Learning in the area of face analysis has focused on supervised learning for specific tasks of interest (e. g. face recognition, facial landmark localization etc.)

Adversarial Learning Semantic Volume for 2D/3D Face Shape Regression in the Wild

HongwenZhang/JVCR-3Dlandmark IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2019

Then, an end-to-end pipeline is designed to jointly regress the proposed volumetric representation and the coordinate vector.

H3WB: Human3.6M 3D WholeBody Dataset and Benchmark

wholebody3d/wholebody3d ICCV 2023

We also propose three tasks: i) 3D whole-body pose lifting from 2D complete whole-body pose, ii) 3D whole-body pose lifting from 2D incomplete whole-body pose, and iii) 3D whole-body pose estimation from a single RGB image.