3D Medical Imaging Segmentation

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3D medical imaging segmentation is the task of segmenting medical objects of interest from 3D medical imaging.

( Image credit: Elastic Boundary Projection for 3D Medical Image Segmentation )


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UNETR: Transformers for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Project-MONAI/research-contributions 18 Mar 2021

Inspired by the recent success of transformers for Natural Language Processing (NLP) in long-range sequence learning, we reformulate the task of volumetric (3D) medical image segmentation as a sequence-to-sequence prediction problem.

BreastScreening: On the Use of Multi-Modality in Medical Imaging Diagnosis

MIMBCD-UI/prototype-multi-modality 7 Apr 2020

This paper describes the field research, design and comparative deployment of a multimodal medical imaging user interface for breast screening.

On the Compactness, Efficiency, and Representation of 3D Convolutional Networks: Brain Parcellation as a Pretext Task

gift-surg/HighRes3DNet 6 Jul 2017

To illustrate its efficiency of learning 3D representation from large-scale image data, the proposed network is validated with the challenging task of parcellating 155 neuroanatomical structures from brain MR images.

Med3D: Transfer Learning for 3D Medical Image Analysis

Tencent/MedicalNet 1 Apr 2019

The performance on deep learning is significantly affected by volume of training data.

Association of genomic subtypes of lower-grade gliomas with shape features automatically extracted by a deep learning algorithm

mateuszbuda/brain-segmentation 9 Jun 2019

Based on automatic deep learning segmentations, we extracted three features which quantify two-dimensional and three-dimensional characteristics of the tumors.

3D fully convolutional networks for subcortical segmentation in MRI: A large-scale study

josedolz/LiviaNET 12 Dec 2016

To the best of our knowledge, our work is the first to study subcortical structure segmentation on such large-scale and heterogeneous data.

Enforcing temporal consistency in Deep Learning segmentation of brain MR images

bigmb/Unet-Segmentation-Pytorch-Nest-of-Unets 13 Jun 2019

Proposed CNN based segmentation approaches demonstrate how 2D segmentation using prior slices can provide similar results to 3D segmentation while maintaining good continuity in the 3D dimension and improved speed.

Efficient Multi-Scale 3D CNN with Fully Connected CRF for Accurate Brain Lesion Segmentation

Kamnitsask/deepmedic 18 Mar 2016

We propose a dual pathway, 11-layers deep, three-dimensional Convolutional Neural Network for the challenging task of brain lesion segmentation.

Conditional Random Fields as Recurrent Neural Networks for 3D Medical Imaging Segmentation

MiguelMonteiro/CRFasRNNLayer 19 Jul 2018

In this paper, we test whether this algorithm, which was shown to improve semantic segmentation for 2D RGB images, is able to improve segmentation quality for 3D multi-modal medical images.

AnatomyNet: Deep Learning for Fast and Fully Automated Whole-volume Segmentation of Head and Neck Anatomy

wentaozhu/AnatomyNet-for-anatomical-segmentation 15 Aug 2018

Methods: Our deep learning model, called AnatomyNet, segments OARs from head and neck CT images in an end-to-end fashion, receiving whole-volume HaN CT images as input and generating masks of all OARs of interest in one shot.