3D Room Layouts From A Single RGB Panorama

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Image: Zou et al

Most implemented papers

Corners for Layout: End-to-End Layout Recovery from 360 Images

cfernandezlab/CFL 19 Mar 2019

The problem of 3D layout recovery in indoor scenes has been a core research topic for over a decade.

LayoutNet: Reconstructing the 3D Room Layout from a Single RGB Image

zouchuhang/LayoutNetv2 CVPR 2018

We propose an algorithm to predict room layout from a single image that generalizes across panoramas and perspective images, cuboid layouts and more general layouts (e. g. L-shape room).

DuLa-Net: A Dual-Projection Network for Estimating Room Layouts from a Single RGB Panorama

SunDaDenny/DuLa-Net CVPR 2019

We present a deep learning framework, called DuLa-Net, to predict Manhattan-world 3D room layouts from a single RGB panorama.

HorizonNet: Learning Room Layout with 1D Representation and Pano Stretch Data Augmentation

sunset1995/HorizonNet CVPR 2019

We present a new approach to the problem of estimating the 3D room layout from a single panoramic image.

HoHoNet: 360 Indoor Holistic Understanding with Latent Horizontal Features

sunset1995/HoHoNet CVPR 2021

We present HoHoNet, a versatile and efficient framework for holistic understanding of an indoor 360-degree panorama using a Latent Horizontal Feature (LHFeat).