3D Shape Modeling

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Mesh R-CNN

facebookresearch/pytorch3d ICCV 2019

We propose a system that detects objects in real-world images and produces a triangle mesh giving the full 3D shape of each detected object.

3D Shape Modeling

Learning to Dress 3D People in Generative Clothing

QianliM/CAPE CVPR 2020

To our knowledge, this is the first generative model that directly dresses 3D human body meshes and generalizes to different poses.

3D Human Pose Estimation 3D Human Reconstruction +2

GSNet: Joint Vehicle Pose and Shape Reconstruction with Geometrical and Scene-aware Supervision

lkeab/gsnet ECCV 2020

GSNet utilizes a unique four-way feature extraction and fusion scheme and directly regresses 6DoF poses and shapes in a single forward pass.

3D Car Instance Understanding 3D Pose Estimation +11

Object Shape Error Response Using Bayesian 3-D Convolutional Neural Networks for Assembly Systems With Compliant Parts

sumitsinha/Deep_Learning_for_Manufacturing 8 Dec 2021

The paper proposes a novel Object Shape Error Response (OSER) approach to estimate the dimensional and geometric variation of assembled products and then, relate, these to process parameters, which can be interpreted as root causes (RC) of the object shape defects.

3D Shape Modeling Object Detection

Learning 6-DOF Grasping Interaction via Deep Geometry-aware 3D Representations

koryako/selfcarRaspberryPi 24 Aug 2017

Our contributions are fourfold: (1) To best of our knowledge, we are presenting for the first time a method to learn a 6-DOF grasping net from RGBD input; (2) We build a grasping dataset from demonstrations in virtual reality with rich sensory and interaction annotations.

3D Shape Modeling Data Augmentation +1