3D Shape Reconstruction from Videos

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Most implemented papers

LASR: Learning Articulated Shape Reconstruction from a Monocular Video

google/lasr CVPR 2021

Remarkable progress has been made in 3D reconstruction of rigid structures from a video or a collection of images.

ViSER: Video-Specific Surface Embeddings for Articulated 3D Shape Reconstruction

gengshan-y/viser-release NeurIPS 2021

The surface embeddings are implemented as coordinate-based MLPs that are fit to each video via consistency and contrastive reconstruction losses. Experimental results show that ViSER compares favorably against prior work on challenging videos of humans with loose clothing and unusual poses as well as animals videos from DAVIS and YTVOS.

BANMo: Building Animatable 3D Neural Models from Many Casual Videos

facebookresearch/banmo CVPR 2022

Our key insight is to merge three schools of thought; (1) classic deformable shape models that make use of articulated bones and blend skinning, (2) volumetric neural radiance fields (NeRFs) that are amenable to gradient-based optimization, and (3) canonical embeddings that generate correspondences between pixels and an articulated model.

DeciWatch: A Simple Baseline for 10x Efficient 2D and 3D Pose Estimation

cure-lab/DeciWatch 16 Mar 2022

This paper proposes a simple baseline framework for video-based 2D/3D human pose estimation that can achieve 10 times efficiency improvement over existing works without any performance degradation, named DeciWatch.