Aesthetics Quality Assessment

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Automatic assessment of aesthetic-related subjective ratings.

Greatest papers with code

NIMA: Neural Image Assessment

idealo/image-quality-assessment 15 Sep 2017

Automatically learned quality assessment for images has recently become a hot topic due to its usefulness in a wide variety of applications such as evaluating image capture pipelines, storage techniques and sharing media.

Aesthetics Quality Assessment

Photo Aesthetics Ranking Network with Attributes and Content Adaptation

aimerykong/deepImageAestheticsAnalysis 6 Jun 2016

In this work, we propose to learn a deep convolutional neural network to rank photo aesthetics in which the relative ranking of photo aesthetics are directly modeled in the loss function.

Aesthetics Quality Assessment

Effective Aesthetics Prediction with Multi-level Spatially Pooled Features

subpic/ava-mlsp CVPR 2019

We propose an effective deep learning approach to aesthetics quality assessment that relies on a new type of pre-trained features, and apply it to the AVA data set, the currently largest aesthetics database.

Aesthetics Quality Assessment