Argument Retrieval

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Most implemented papers

Evaluating Fairness in Argument Retrieval

sachinpc1993/fair-arguments 23 Aug 2021

In this work, we analyze a range of non-stochastic fairness-aware ranking and diversity metrics to evaluate the extent to which argument stances are fairly exposed in argument retrieval systems.

Fine-Grained Argument Unit Recognition and Classification

trtm/AURC 22 Apr 2019

In this work, we argue that the task should be performed on a more fine-grained level of sequence labeling.

Diversity Aware Relevance Learning for Argument Search

fromm-m/ecir2021-am-search 4 Nov 2020

In this work, we focus on the problem of retrieving relevant arguments for a query claim covering diverse aspects.

BEIR: A Heterogenous Benchmark for Zero-shot Evaluation of Information Retrieval Models

UKPLab/beir 17 Apr 2021

To address this, and to facilitate researchers to broadly evaluate the effectiveness of their models, we introduce Benchmarking-IR (BEIR), a robust and heterogeneous evaluation benchmark for information retrieval.

SGPT: GPT Sentence Embeddings for Semantic Search

muennighoff/sgpt 17 Feb 2022

A 5. 8 billion parameter SGPT-BE outperforms the best available sentence embeddings by 6% setting a new state-of-the-art on BEIR.