Aspect-oriented Opinion Extraction

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Extracting the paired opinion terms for every given aspect term in a sentence.

Most implemented papers

A Unified Generative Framework for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

yhcc/BARTABSA ACL 2021

Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) aims to identify the aspect terms, their corresponding sentiment polarities, and the opinion terms.

Target-oriented Opinion Words Extraction with Target-fused Neural Sequence Labeling


In this paper, we propose a novel sequence labeling subtask for ABSA named TOWE (Target-oriented Opinion Words Extraction), which aims at extracting the corresponding opinion words for a given opinion target.

Latent Opinions Transfer Network for Target-Oriented Opinion Words Extraction

1429904852/LOTN 7 Jan 2020

In this paper, we propose a novel model to transfer these opinions knowledge from resource-rich review sentiment classification datasets to low-resource task TOWE.

Deep Learning Brasil at ABSAPT 2022: Portuguese Transformer Ensemble Approaches

ju-resplande/dlb_absapt2022 8 Nov 2023

Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) is a task whose objective is to classify the individual sentiment polarity of all entities, called aspects, in a sentence.