Attribute Extraction

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Most implemented papers

MOON: A Mixed Objective Optimization Network for the Recognition of Facial Attributes

camel007/caffe-moon 22 Mar 2016

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to apply joint optimization to DCNNs when training data is imbalanced, and re-balancing multi-label data directly is structurally infeasible, since adding/removing data to balance one label will change the sampling of the other labels.

Simplified DOM Trees for Transferable Attribute Extraction from the Web

google-research/google-research 7 Jan 2021

There has been a steady need to precisely extract structured knowledge from the web (i. e. HTML documents).

Multimodal Attribute Extraction

wavewangyue/mae 29 Nov 2017

The broad goal of information extraction is to derive structured information from unstructured data.

Getting To Know You: User Attribute Extraction from Dialogues

jasonwu0731/GettingToKnowYou LREC 2020

User attributes provide rich and useful information for user understanding, yet structured and easy-to-use attributes are often sparsely populated.

Extracting Outcomes from Appellate Decisions in US State Courts

chinmusique/outcome-prediction JURIX 2020

Predicting the outcome of a legal process has recently gained considerable research attention.

MAVE: A Product Dataset for Multi-source Attribute Value Extraction

google-research-datasets/mave 16 Dec 2021

Attribute value extraction refers to the task of identifying values of an attribute of interest from product information.

DeepKE: A Deep Learning Based Knowledge Extraction Toolkit for Knowledge Base Population

zjunlp/deepke 10 Jan 2022

We present an open-source and extensible knowledge extraction toolkit DeepKE, supporting complicated low-resource, document-level and multimodal scenarios in the knowledge base population.

DOM-LM: Learning Generalizable Representations for HTML Documents

Misterion777/DOM-LM 25 Jan 2022

We argue that the text and HTML structure together convey important semantics of the content and therefore warrant a special treatment for their representation learning.

A Unified Framework of Medical Information Annotation and Extraction for Chinese Clinical Text

syuoni/eznlp 8 Mar 2022

The resulted annotated corpus includes 1, 200 full medical records (or 18, 039 broken-down documents), and achieves inter-annotator agreements (IAAs) of 94. 53%, 73. 73% and 91. 98% F 1 scores for the three tasks.

Schema-Driven Information Extraction from Heterogeneous Tables

bflashcp3f/schema-to-json 23 May 2023

By developing a benchmark and demonstrating the feasibility of this task using proprietary models, we aim to support future work on open-source schema-driven IE models.