Automatic Liver And Tumor Segmentation

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Most implemented papers

Automatic Liver and Tumor Segmentation of CT and MRI Volumes using Cascaded Fully Convolutional Neural Networks

IBBM/Cascaded-FCN 20 Feb 2017

In the first step, we train a FCN to segment the liver as ROI input for a second FCN.

H-DenseUNet: Hybrid Densely Connected UNet for Liver and Tumor Segmentation from CT Volumes

xmengli999/H-DenseUNet 21 Sep 2017

Our method outperformed other state-of-the-arts on the segmentation results of tumors and achieved very competitive performance for liver segmentation even with a single model.

Robust End-to-End Focal Liver Lesion Detection using Unregistered Multiphase Computed Tomography Images

andreped/livermask 2 Dec 2021

The computer-aided diagnosis of focal liver lesions (FLLs) can help improve workflow and enable correct diagnoses; FLL detection is the first step in such a computer-aided diagnosis.