Binary Relation Extraction

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Most implemented papers

Document-level Entity-based Extraction as Template Generation

PlusLabNLP/TempGen EMNLP 2021

Document-level entity-based extraction (EE), aiming at extracting entity-centric information such as entity roles and entity relations, is key to automatic knowledge acquisition from text corpora for various domains.

Multi-Attribute Relation Extraction (MARE) -- Simplifying the Application of Relation Extraction

mslars/mare 17 Nov 2021

Extracting relations with an arbitrary amount of attributes requires complex systems and costly relation-trigger annotations to assist these systems.

BioRED: A Rich Biomedical Relation Extraction Dataset

ncbi/BioRED 8 Apr 2022

However, most existing benchmarking datasets for bio-medical RE only focus on relations of a single type (e. g., protein-protein interactions) at the sentence level, greatly limiting the development of RE systems in biomedicine.