Biologically-plausible Training

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Biologically-plausible learning algorithms can scale to large datasets

willwx/sign-symmetry ICLR 2019

These results complement the study by Bartunov et al. (2018), and establish a new benchmark for future biologically plausible learning algorithms on more difficult datasets and more complex architectures.

Long Distance Relationships without Time Travel: Boosting the Performance of a Sparse Predictive Autoencoder in Sequence Modeling

numenta/nupic.research 2 Dec 2019

In sequence learning tasks such as language modelling, Recurrent Neural Networks must learn relationships between input features separated by time.

Biologically Plausible Training Mechanisms for Self-Supervised Learning in Deep Networks

c16mftang/biological-ssl 30 Sep 2021

We develop biologically plausible training mechanisms for self-supervised learning (SSL) in deep networks.

Feed-Forward Optimization With Delayed Feedback for Neural Networks

helmholtz-ai-energy/f3 26 Apr 2023

Backpropagation has long been criticized for being biologically implausible, relying on concepts that are not viable in natural learning processes.