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BIRL: Benchmark on Image Registration methods with Landmark validation, in particular, Biomedical image registration on WSI microscopy images of a multi-strain histology tissue sample.

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Consistent and elastic registration of histological sections using vector-spline regularization

fiji/bUnwarpJ Computer Vision Approaches to Medical Image Analysis 2006

Here we present a new image registration algorithm for the alignment of histological sections that combines the ideas of B-spline based elastic registration and consistent image registration, to allow simultaneous registration of images in two directions (direct and inverse).

Symmetric diffeomorphic image registration with cross-correlation: evaluating automated labeling of elderly and neurodegenerative brain

ANTsX/ANTs Medical Image Analysis 2008

This comparison shows that, of the three methods tested, SyN's volume measurements are the most strongly correlated with volume measurements gained by expert labeling.

Deformable medical image registration: setting the state of the art with discrete methods

biomedia-mira/drop2 Annual review of biomedical engineering 2011

To cope with both iconic and geometric (landmark-based) registration, we introduce two graphical models, one for each subproblem.

BIRL: Benchmark on Image Registration methods with Landmark validation

Borda/BIRL 31 Dec 2019

This report presents a generic image registration benchmark with automatic evaluation using landmark annotations.