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BIRL: Benchmark on Image Registration methods with Landmark validation, in particular, Biomedical image registration on WSI microscopy images of a multi-strain histology tissue sample.


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Symmetric diffeomorphic image registration with cross-correlation: evaluating automated labeling of elderly and neurodegenerative brain

ANTsX/ANTs Medical Image Analysis 2008

This comparison shows that, of the three methods tested, SyN's volume measurements are the most strongly correlated with volume measurements gained by expert labeling.

 Ranked #1 on BIRL on CIMA-10k

BIRL Diffeomorphic Medical Image Registration +1

BIRL: Benchmark on Image Registration methods with Landmark validation

Borda/BIRL 31 Dec 2019

This report presents a generic image registration benchmark with automatic evaluation using landmark annotations.

BIRL Image Registration

Consistent and elastic registration of histological sections using vector-spline regularization

fiji/bUnwarpJ Computer Vision Approaches to Medical Image Analysis 2006

Here we present a new image registration algorithm for the alignment of histological sections that combines the ideas of B-spline based elastic registration and consistent image registration, to allow simultaneous registration of images in two directions (direct and inverse).

BIRL Image Registration