Body Detection

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Detection of the persons or the characters defined in the dataset.

Most implemented papers

Detector-in-Detector: Multi-Level Analysis for Human-Parts

xiaojie1017/Human-Parts 19 Feb 2019

In particular, we adopt a region-based object detection structure with two carefully designed detectors to separately pay attention to the human body and body parts in a coarse-to-fine manner, which we call Detector-in-Detector network (DID-Net).

Domain-Adaptive Self-Supervised Pre-Training for Face & Body Detection in Drawings

barisbatuhan/dass_det_inference 19 Nov 2022

Drawings are powerful means of pictorial abstraction and communication.

Fast spline detection in high density microscopy data

kirkegaardlab/deeptangle 11 Jan 2023

Computer-aided analysis of biological microscopy data has seen a massive improvement with the utilization of general-purpose deep learning techniques.

Joint Multi-Person Body Detection and Orientation Estimation via One Unified Embedding

hnuzhy/jointbdoe 27 Oct 2022

In the paper, we propose a single-stage end-to-end trainable framework for tackling the HBOE problem with multi-persons.