Brain Image Segmentation

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Most implemented papers

FusionNet: A deep fully residual convolutional neural network for image segmentation in connectomics

GunhoChoi/FusionNet-Pytorch 16 Dec 2016

Electron microscopic connectomics is an ambitious research direction with the goal of studying comprehensive brain connectivity maps by using high-throughput, nano-scale microscopy.

Non-local U-Net for Biomedical Image Segmentation

divelab/Non-local-U-Nets 10 Dec 2018

In this work, we propose the non-local U-Nets, which are equipped with flexible global aggregation blocks, for biomedical image segmentation.

Enforcing temporal consistency in Deep Learning segmentation of brain MR images

bigmb/Unet-Segmentation-Pytorch-Nest-of-Unets 13 Jun 2019

Proposed CNN based segmentation approaches demonstrate how 2D segmentation using prior slices can provide similar results to 3D segmentation while maintaining good continuity in the 3D dimension and improved speed.

NeuroNet: Fast and Robust Reproduction of Multiple Brain Image Segmentation Pipelines

DLTK/models 11 Jun 2018

NeuroNet is a deep convolutional neural network mimicking multiple popular and state-of-the-art brain segmentation tools including FSL, SPM, and MALPEM.

Few-shot 3D Multi-modal Medical Image Segmentation using Generative Adversarial Learning

arnab39/FewShot_GAN-Unet3D 29 Oct 2018

In addition, our work presents a comprehensive analysis of different GAN architectures for semi-supervised segmentation, showing recent techniques like feature matching to yield a higher performance than conventional adversarial training approaches.

Unsupervised Deep Learning for Bayesian Brain MRI Segmentation

voxelmorph/voxelmorph 25 Apr 2019

To develop a deep learning-based segmentation model for a new image dataset (e. g., of different contrast), one usually needs to create a new labeled training dataset, which can be prohibitively expensive, or rely on suboptimal ad hoc adaptation or augmentation approaches.

ROAM: Random Layer Mixup for Semi-Supervised Learning in Medical Imaging

tbdair/fedperlv1.0 20 Mar 2020

Medical image segmentation is one of the major challenges addressed by machine learning methods.

Using deep convolutional neural networks for neonatal brain image segmentation

josedolz/HyperDenseNet 26 Mar 2020

Introduction: Deep learning neural networks are especially potent at dealing with structured data, such as images and volumes.

A Contrast-Adaptive Method for Simultaneous Whole-Brain and Lesion Segmentation in Multiple Sclerosis

freesurfer/freesurfer 11 May 2020

Here we present a method for the simultaneous segmentation of white matter lesions and normal-appearing neuroanatomical structures from multi-contrast brain MRI scans of multiple sclerosis patients.

A Longitudinal Method for Simultaneous Whole-Brain and Lesion Segmentation in Multiple Sclerosis

freesurfer/freesurfer 12 Aug 2020

In this paper we propose a novel method for the segmentation of longitudinal brain MRI scans of patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.