Contact mechanics

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Extending Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Neural Networks with Differentiable Contact Models

Physics-aware-AI/DiffCoSim NeurIPS 2021

In this paper, we introduce a differentiable contact model, which can capture contact mechanics: frictionless/frictional, as well as elastic/inelastic.

A Differentiable Recipe for Learning Visual Non-Prehensile Planar Manipulation

baceituno/dlm 9 Nov 2021

Specifying tasks with videos is a powerful technique towards acquiring novel and general robot skills.

Digital Image-Based Stress–Permeability Relationships of Rough Fractures Using Numerical Contact Mechanics and Stokes Equation

ramm777/idc_clean_example Transport in Porous Media 2022

Using this first principle approach we investigate numerically the effect of fracture surface roughness and shifting of surfaces on the permeability evolution under applied stress and compare the results with laboratory experiments.

PressureVision: Estimating Hand Pressure from a Single RGB Image

facebookresearch/pressurevision 19 Mar 2022

We also show that the output of our model depends on the appearance of the hand and cast shadows near contact regions.

Inferring Articulated Rigid Body Dynamics from RGBD Video

google-research/tiny-differentiable-simulator 20 Mar 2022

Being able to reproduce physical phenomena ranging from light interaction to contact mechanics, simulators are becoming increasingly useful in more and more application domains where real-world interaction or labeled data are difficult to obtain.

Coupled Rigid-Block Analysis: Stability-Aware Design of Complex Discrete-Element Assemblies

BlockResearchGroup/compas_cra CAD Computer-Aided Design Journal 2022

The rigid-block equilibrium (RBE) method uses a penalty formulation to measure structural infeasibility or to guide the design of stable discrete-element assemblies from unstable geometry.