Continual Named Entity Recognition

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Continual learning for named entity recogntion


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Distilling Causal Effect from Miscellaneous Other-Class for Continual Named Entity Recognition

zzz47zzz/CFNER 8 Oct 2022

Thanks to the causal inference, we identify that the forgetting is caused by the missing causal effect from the old data.

A Neural Span-Based Continual Named Entity Recognition Model

qznan/spankl 23 Feb 2023

Named Entity Recognition (NER) models capable of Continual Learning (CL) are realistically valuable in areas where entity types continuously increase (e. g., personal assistants).

Continual Named Entity Recognition without Catastrophic Forgetting

bladedancer957/cpfd 23 Oct 2023

This issue is intensified in CNER due to the consolidation of old entity types from previous steps into the non-entity type at each step, leading to what is known as the semantic shift problem of the non-entity type.