Cyber Attack Detection

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Deep Anomaly Detection with Deviation Networks

GuansongPang/deviation-network 19 Nov 2019

Instead of representation learning, our method fulfills an end-to-end learning of anomaly scores by a neural deviation learning, in which we leverage a few (e. g., multiple to dozens) labeled anomalies and a prior probability to enforce statistically significant deviations of the anomaly scores of anomalies from that of normal data objects in the upper tail.

Anomaly Detection Cyber Attack Detection +3

Cyber Attack Detection thanks to Machine Learning Algorithms

antoinedelplace/Cyberattack-Detection 17 Jan 2020

The Random Forest Classifier succeeds in detecting more than 95% of the botnets in 8 out of 13 scenarios and more than 55% in the most difficult datasets.

Cyber Attack Detection Feature Selection +2

Improving SIEM for Critical SCADA Water Infrastructures Using Machine Learning

AbertayMachineLearningGroup/machine-learning-SIEM-water-infrastructure 6 Mar 2019

Like other Internet of Things (IoT) implementations, SCADA systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, therefore, a robust anomaly detection is a major requirement.

Anomaly Detection Cyber Attack Detection +1

Online Cyber-Attack Detection in Smart Grid: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

mnecipkurt/tsg19 14 Sep 2018

Early detection of cyber-attacks is crucial for a safe and reliable operation of the smart grid.

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