Cyber Attack Detection

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Cybersecurity attacks prediction

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Deep Anomaly Detection with Deviation Networks

GuansongPang/deviation-network 19 Nov 2019

Instead of representation learning, our method fulfills an end-to-end learning of anomaly scores by a neural deviation learning, in which we leverage a few (e. g., multiple to dozens) labeled anomalies and a prior probability to enforce statistically significant deviations of the anomaly scores of anomalies from that of normal data objects in the upper tail.

Cyber Attack Detection thanks to Machine Learning Algorithms

antoinedelplace/Cyberattack-Detection 17 Jan 2020

The Random Forest Classifier succeeds in detecting more than 95% of the botnets in 8 out of 13 scenarios and more than 55% in the most difficult datasets.

Online Cyber-Attack Detection in Smart Grid: A Reinforcement Learning Approach

mnecipkurt/tsg19 14 Sep 2018

Early detection of cyber-attacks is crucial for a safe and reliable operation of the smart grid.

Improving SIEM for Critical SCADA Water Infrastructures Using Machine Learning

AbertayMachineLearningGroup/machine-learning-SIEM-water-infrastructure 6 Mar 2019

Like other Internet of Things (IoT) implementations, SCADA systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, therefore, a robust anomaly detection is a major requirement.

A Transfer Learning and Optimized CNN Based Intrusion Detection System for Internet of Vehicles

western-oc2-lab/intrusion-detection-system-using-cnn-and-transfer-learning 27 Jan 2022

Modern vehicles, including autonomous vehicles and connected vehicles, are increasingly connected to the external world, which enables various functionalities and services.

A Deep Multi-Modal Cyber-Attack Detection in Industrial Control Systems

sbahadoripour/A-Deep-Multi-modal-cyber-attack-detection 4 Apr 2023

The growing number of cyber-attacks against Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in recent years has elevated security concerns due to the potential catastrophic impact.