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DeFMO: Deblurring and Shape Recovery of Fast Moving Objects

kornia/kornia CVPR 2021

We propose a method that, given a single image with its estimated background, outputs the object's appearance and position in a series of sub-frames as if captured by a high-speed camera (i. e. temporal super-resolution).

Deblurring Object Tracking +1

Learning to See in the Dark

cchen156/Learning-to-See-in-the-Dark CVPR 2018

Imaging in low light is challenging due to low photon count and low SNR.

Deblurring Denoising

EDVR: Video Restoration with Enhanced Deformable Convolutional Networks

open-mmlab/mmsr 7 May 2019

In this work, we propose a novel Video Restoration framework with Enhanced Deformable networks, termed EDVR, to address these challenges.

 Ranked #1 on Deblurring on REDS

Deblurring Video Restoration +1

DeblurGAN: Blind Motion Deblurring Using Conditional Adversarial Networks

KupynOrest/DeblurGAN CVPR 2018

The quality of the deblurring model is also evaluated in a novel way on a real-world problem -- object detection on (de-)blurred images.

Deblurring Object Detection

GIMP-ML: Python Plugins for using Computer Vision Models in GIMP

kritiksoman/GIMP-ML 27 Apr 2020

Apart from these, several image manipulation techniques using these plugins have been compiled and demonstrated in the YouTube channel (https://youtube. com/user/kritiksoman) with the objective of demonstrating the use-cases for machine learning based image modification.

Colorization Deblurring +8

DeblurGAN-v2: Deblurring (Orders-of-Magnitude) Faster and Better

kritiksoman/GIMP-ML ICCV 2019

We present a new end-to-end generative adversarial network (GAN) for single image motion deblurring, named DeblurGAN-v2, which considerably boosts state-of-the-art deblurring efficiency, quality, and flexibility.

Blind Face Restoration Image Restoration +1

Deep Plug-and-Play Super-Resolution for Arbitrary Blur Kernels

cszn/DPSR CVPR 2019

In this paper, we propose a principled formulation and framework by extending bicubic degradation based deep SISR with the help of plug-and-play framework to handle LR images with arbitrary blur kernels.

Deblurring Image Restoration +1

Scale-recurrent Network for Deep Image Deblurring

jiangsutx/SRN-Deblur CVPR 2018

In single image deblurring, the "coarse-to-fine" scheme, i. e. gradually restoring the sharp image on different resolutions in a pyramid, is very successful in both traditional optimization-based methods and recent neural-network-based approaches.

Deblurring Image Deblurring +1

Multi-Stage Progressive Image Restoration

swz30/MPRNet CVPR 2021

At each stage, we introduce a novel per-pixel adaptive design that leverages in-situ supervised attention to reweight the local features.

Deblurring Image Denoising +2

Learning Deep CNN Denoiser Prior for Image Restoration

cszn/ircnn CVPR 2017

Recent works have revealed that, with the aid of variable splitting techniques, denoiser prior can be plugged in as a modular part of model-based optimization methods to solve other inverse problems (e. g., deblurring).

Color Image Denoising Deblurring +2