Dialogue Rewriting

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Greatest papers with code

Improving Multi-turn Dialogue Modelling with Utterance ReWriter

chin-gyou/dialogue-utterance-rewriter ACL 2019

To properly train the utterance rewriter, we collect a new dataset with human annotations and introduce a Transformer-based utterance rewriting architecture using the pointer network.

Coreference Resolution Dialogue Rewriting

SARG: A Novel Semi Autoregressive Generator for Multi-turn Incomplete Utterance Restoration

NetEase-GameAI/SARG 4 Aug 2020

Dialogue systems in open domain have achieved great success due to the easily obtained single-turn corpus and the development of deep learning, but the multi-turn scenario is still a challenge because of the frequent coreference and information omission.

 Ranked #1 on Dialogue Rewriting on Multi-Rewrite (BLEU-1 metric)

Dialogue Rewriting Text Generation

Robust Dialogue Utterance Rewriting as Sequence Tagging

freesunshine0316/RaST-plus 29 Dec 2020

The task of dialogue rewriting aims to reconstruct the latest dialogue utterance by copying the missing content from the dialogue context.

Dialogue Rewriting Text Generation