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Document Layout Analysis

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"Document Layout Analysis is performed to determine physical structure of a document, that is, to determine document components. These document components can consist of single connected components-regions [...] of pixels that are adjacent to form single regions [...] , or group of text lines. A text line is a group of characters, symbols, and words that are adjacent, “relatively close” to each other and through which a straight line can be drawn (usually with horizontal or vertical orientation)." L. O'Gorman, "The document spectrum for page layout analysis," in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 15, no. 11, pp. 1162-1173, Nov. 1993.


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Greatest papers with code

PubLayNet: largest dataset ever for document layout analysis

16 Aug 2019ibm-aur-nlp/PubLayNet

Deep neural networks that are developed for computer vision have been proven to be an effective method to analyze layout of document images.


Multi-Task Handwritten Document Layout Analysis

22 Jun 2018lquirosd/P2PaLA

Document Layout Analysis is a fundamental step in Handwritten Text Processing systems, from the extraction of the text lines to the type of zone it belongs to.