drone-based object tracking

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drone-based object tracking


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Visual Pursuit Control based on Gaussian Processes with Switched Motion Trajectories

marciska/vpc-switched-motion 18 Aug 2022

This paper considers a scenario of pursuing a moving target that may switch behaviors due to external factors in a dynamic environment by motion estimation using visual sensors.

Vehicle Position Estimation with Aerial Imagery from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

fkthi/OpenTrafficMonitoringPlus 17 Apr 2020

A robust object detection is crucial for reliable results, hence the state-of-the-art deep neural network Mask-RCNN is applied for that purpose.

DroTrack: High-speed Drone-based Object Tracking Under Uncertainty

cruiseresearchgroup/DroTrack 2 May 2020

The combination of the FCM segmentation and the angular scaling increased DroTrack precision by up to $9\%$ and decreased the centre location error by $162$ pixels on average.