Emotion Classification

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Emotion classification, or emotion categorization, is the task of recognising emotions to classify them into the corresponding category. Given an input, classify it as 'neutral or no emotion' or as one, or more, of several given emotions that best represent the mental state of the subject's facial expression, words, and so on. Some example benchmarks include ROCStories, Many Faces of Anger (MFA), and GoEmotions. Models can be evaluated using metrics such as the Concordance Correlation Coefficient (CCC) and the Mean Squared Error (MSE).


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Most implemented papers

Real-time Convolutional Neural Networks for Emotion and Gender Classification

oarriaga/face_classification 20 Oct 2017

In this paper we propose an implement a general convolutional neural network (CNN) building framework for designing real-time CNNs.

GoEmotions: A Dataset of Fine-Grained Emotions

google-research/google-research ACL 2020

Understanding emotion expressed in language has a wide range of applications, from building empathetic chatbots to detecting harmful online behavior.

Multimodal Speech Emotion Recognition Using Audio and Text

david-yoon/multimodal-speech-emotion 10 Oct 2018

Speech emotion recognition is a challenging task, and extensive reliance has been placed on models that use audio features in building well-performing classifiers.

Emotion Classification in a Resource Constrained Language Using Transformer-based Approach

sagorbrur/bangla-bert NAACL 2021

A Bengali emotion corpus consists of 6243 texts is developed for the classification task.

NTUA-SLP at SemEval-2018 Task 1: Predicting Affective Content in Tweets with Deep Attentive RNNs and Transfer Learning

cbaziotis/ntua-slp-semeval2018 SEMEVAL 2018

In this paper we present deep-learning models that submitted to the SemEval-2018 Task~1 competition: "Affect in Tweets".

EmoTxt: A Toolkit for Emotion Recognition from Text

collab-uniba/Emotion_and_Polarity_SO 13 Aug 2017

We provide empirical evidence of the performance of EmoTxt.

Classifying and Visualizing Emotions with Emotional DAN

IvonaTau/emotionaldan 23 Oct 2018

Classification of human emotions remains an important and challenging task for many computer vision algorithms, especially in the era of humanoid robots which coexist with humans in their everyday life.

DialogueRNN: An Attentive RNN for Emotion Detection in Conversations

SenticNet/conv-emotion 1 Nov 2018

Emotion detection in conversations is a necessary step for a number of applications, including opinion mining over chat history, social media threads, debates, argumentation mining, understanding consumer feedback in live conversations, etc.

Speech Emotion Recognition Using Multi-hop Attention Mechanism

raulsteleac/Speech_Emotion_Recognition 2019 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2019

As opposed to using knowledge from both the modalities separately, we propose a framework to exploit acoustic information in tandem with lexical data.

DialogueGCN: A Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation

SenticNet/conv-emotion IJCNLP 2019

Emotion recognition in conversation (ERC) has received much attention, lately, from researchers due to its potential widespread applications in diverse areas, such as health-care, education, and human resources.