Event Coreference Resolution

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Most implemented papers

Paraphrasing vs Coreferring: Two Sides of the Same Coin

yehudit96/coreferrability Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics 2020

We study the potential synergy between two different NLP tasks, both confronting predicate lexical variability: identifying predicate paraphrases, and event coreference resolution.

CDLM: Cross-Document Language Modeling

aviclu/cdlm Findings (EMNLP) 2021

We introduce a new pretraining approach geared for multi-document language modeling, incorporating two key ideas into the masked language modeling self-supervised objective.

WEC: Deriving a Large-scale Cross-document Event Coreference dataset from Wikipedia

AlonEirew/extract-wec NAACL 2021

To complement these resources and enhance future research, we present Wikipedia Event Coreference (WEC), an efficient methodology for gathering a large-scale dataset for cross-document event coreference from Wikipedia, where coreference links are not restricted within predefined topics.

TAMU at KBP 2017: Event Nugget Detection and Coreference Resolution

prafulla77/TAC-KBP-2017-Participation 6 Nov 2017

Our simple system designed using minimal features achieved the micro-average F1 scores of 57. 72, 44. 27 and 42. 47 for event span detection, type identification and realis status classification tasks respectively.

Resolving Event Coreference with Supervised Representation Learning and Clustering-Oriented Regularization

kiankd/events SEMEVAL 2018

This work provides insight and motivating results for a new general approach to solving coreference and clustering problems with representation learning.

Revisiting Joint Modeling of Cross-document Entity and Event Coreference Resolution

shanybar/event_entity_coref_ecb_plus ACL 2019

Our analysis confirms that all our representation elements, including the mention span itself, its context, and the relation to other mentions contribute to the model's success.

End-to-End Neural Event Coreference Resolution

luyaojie/E3C 17 Sep 2020

Traditional event coreference systems usually rely on pipeline framework and hand-crafted features, which often face error propagation problem and have poor generalization ability.

Generalizing Cross-Document Event Coreference Resolution Across Multiple Corpora

UKPLab/cdcr-beyond-corpus-tailored CL (ACL) 2021

This raises strong concerns on their generalizability -- a must-have for downstream applications where the magnitude of domains or event mentions is likely to exceed those found in a curated corpus.

Automatic Data Acquisition for Event Coreference Resolution

prafulla77/event-coref-eacl-2021 EACL 2021

We propose to leverage lexical paraphrases and high precision rules informed by news discourse structure to automatically collect coreferential and non-coreferential event pairs from unlabeled English news articles.