Expressive Speech Synthesis

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Most implemented papers

Exploring Transfer Learning for Low Resource Emotional TTS

Emotional-Text-to-Speech/dl-for-emo-tts Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2019

During the last few years, spoken language technologies have known a big improvement thanks to Deep Learning.

Towards End-to-End Prosody Transfer for Expressive Speech Synthesis with Tacotron

syang1993/gst-tacotron ICML 2018

We present an extension to the Tacotron speech synthesis architecture that learns a latent embedding space of prosody, derived from a reference acoustic representation containing the desired prosody.

Robust and fine-grained prosody control of end-to-end speech synthesis

keonlee9420/Robust_Fine_Grained_Prosody_Control 6 Nov 2018

We propose prosody embeddings for emotional and expressive speech synthesis networks.

Visualization and Interpretation of Latent Spaces for Controlling Expressive Speech Synthesis through Audio Analysis

noetits/ICE-Talk 27 Mar 2019

The field of Text-to-Speech has experienced huge improvements last years benefiting from deep learning techniques.