Face to Face Translation

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Given a video of a person speaking in a source language, generate a video of the same person speaking in a target language.

Most implemented papers

Pixel-Level Alignment of Facial Images for High Accuracy Recognition Using Ensemble of Patches

bghojogh/Pixel-Aligned-Face-Recognition 7 Feb 2018

The geometry alignment is performed pixel-wise, i. e., every pixel of the face is corresponded to a pixel of the reference face.

Recycle-GAN: Unsupervised Video Retargeting

aayushbansal/Recycle-GAN ECCV 2018

We introduce a data-driven approach for unsupervised video retargeting that translates content from one domain to another while preserving the style native to a domain, i. e., if contents of John Oliver's speech were to be transferred to Stephen Colbert, then the generated content/speech should be in Stephen Colbert's style.

Triple consistency loss for pairing distributions in GAN-based face synthesis

ESanchezLozano/GANnotation 8 Nov 2018

To show this is effective, we incorporate the triple consistency loss into the training of a new landmark-guided face to face synthesis, where, contrary to previous works, the generated images can simultaneously undergo a large transformation in both expression and pose.

Towards Automatic Face-to-Face Translation

Rudrabha/LipGAN ACM Multimedia, 2019 2019

As today's digital communication becomes increasingly visual, we argue that there is a need for systems that can automatically translate a video of a person speaking in language A into a target language B with realistic lip synchronization.