Facial Expression Recognition

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Most implemented papers

Challenges in Representation Learning: A report on three machine learning contests

phamquiluan/ResidualMaskingNetwork 1 Jul 2013

The ICML 2013 Workshop on Challenges in Representation Learning focused on three challenges: the black box learning challenge, the facial expression recognition challenge, and the multimodal learning challenge.

Training Deep Networks for Facial Expression Recognition with Crowd-Sourced Label Distribution

Microsoft/FERPlus 3 Aug 2016

Crowd sourcing has become a widely adopted scheme to collect ground truth labels.

Deep Facial Expression Recognition: A Survey

AmrElsersy/Emotions-Recognition 23 Apr 2018

We then introduce the available datasets that are widely used in the literature and provide accepted data selection and evaluation principles for these datasets.

Facial Expression Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks: State of the Art

amilkh/cs230-fer 9 Dec 2016

Based on the reported results alone, the performance impact of these factors is unclear.

Facial Motion Prior Networks for Facial Expression Recognition

donydchen/FMPN-FER 23 Feb 2019

Deep learning based facial expression recognition (FER) has received a lot of attention in the past few years.

DeXpression: Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Expression Recognition

MaxLikesMath/DeepLearningImplementations 17 Sep 2015

The proposed architecture achieves 99. 6% for CKP and 98. 63% for MMI, therefore performing better than the state of the art using CNNs.

MicroExpNet: An Extremely Small and Fast Model For Expression Recognition From Face Images

cuguilke/microexpnet 19 Nov 2017

On the other hand, KD is proved to be useful for model compression for the FER problem, and we discovered that its effects gets more and more significant with the decreasing model size.

Automatic Recognition of Student Engagement using Deep Learning and Facial Expression

omidmnezami/Engagement-Recognition 7 Aug 2018

This paper presents a deep learning model to improve engagement recognition from images that overcomes the data sparsity challenge by pre-training on readily available basic facial expression data, before training on specialised engagement data.

Deep-Emotion: Facial Expression Recognition Using Attentional Convolutional Network

omarsayed7/Deep-Emotion 4 Feb 2019

In recent years, several works proposed an end-to-end framework for facial expression recognition, using deep learning models.

Consensual Collaborative Training And Knowledge Distillation Based Facial Expression Recognition Under Noisy Annotations

1980x/CCT 10 Jul 2021

A dynamic transition mechanism is used to move from supervision loss in early learning to consistency loss for consensus of predictions among networks in the later stage.