Geometry Problem Solving

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Geometry problem solving with geometry diagrams and (formal) problem descriptions.

Most implemented papers

Inter-GPS: Interpretable Geometry Problem Solving with Formal Language and Symbolic Reasoning

lupantech/InterGPS ACL 2021

We further propose a novel geometry solving approach with formal language and symbolic reasoning, called Interpretable Geometry Problem Solver (Inter-GPS).

Plane Geometry Diagram Parsing

mingliangzhang2018/PGDP 19 May 2022

Geometry diagram parsing plays a key role in geometry problem solving, wherein the primitive extraction and relation parsing remain challenging due to the complex layout and between-primitive relationship.

PGDP5K: A Diagram Parsing Dataset for Plane Geometry Problems

mingliangzhang2018/PGDP 20 May 2022

An appropriate dataset is critical for the research of PGDP.

UniGeo: Unifying Geometry Logical Reasoning via Reformulating Mathematical Expression

chen-judge/unigeo 6 Dec 2022

Naturally, we also present a unified multi-task Geometric Transformer framework, Geoformer, to tackle calculation and proving problems simultaneously in the form of sequence generation, which finally shows the reasoning ability can be improved on both two tasks by unifying formulation.

A Multi-Modal Neural Geometric Solver with Textual Clauses Parsed from Diagram

mingliangzhang2018/pgps 22 Feb 2023

Geometry problem solving (GPS) is a high-level mathematical reasoning requiring the capacities of multi-modal fusion and geometric knowledge application.

FormalGeo: An Extensible Formalized Framework for Olympiad Geometric Problem Solving

BitSecret/FGPS 27 Oct 2023

In this paper, we have constructed a consistent formal plane geometry system.

GeoEval: Benchmark for Evaluating LLMs and Multi-Modal Models on Geometry Problem-Solving

geoeval/geoeval 15 Feb 2024

Yet, their proficiency in tackling geometry math problems, which necessitates an integrated understanding of both textual and visual information, has not been thoroughly evaluated.

FGeo-HyperGNet: Geometry Problem Solving Integrating Formal Symbolic System and Hypergraph Neural Network

bitsecret/hypergnet 18 Feb 2024

The symbolic part is a formal system built on FormalGeo, which can automatically perform geomertic relational reasoning and algebraic calculations and organize the solving process into a solution hypertree with conditions as hypernodes and theorems as hyperedges.