Heartbeat Classification

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Heartbeat classification fusing temporal and morphological information of ECGs via ensemble of classifiers

mondejar/ecg-classification Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 2019

Our approach based on an ensemble of SVMs offered a satisfactory performance, improving the results when compared to a single SVM model using the same features.

General Classification Heartbeat Classification

ECG Heartbeat Classification: A Deep Transferable Representation

CVxTz/ECG_Heartbeat_Classification 19 Apr 2018

Electrocardiogram (ECG) can be reliably used as a measure to monitor the functionality of the cardiovascular system.

Arrhythmia Detection Classification +3

ATCN: Agile Temporal Convolutional Networks for Processing of Time Series on Edge

TeCSAR-UNCC/ATCN 10 Nov 2020

It makes fundamental improvements over the mainstream temporal convolutional neural networks, including the incorporation of separable depth-wise convolution to reduce the computational complexity of the model and residual connections as time attention machines, increase the network depth and accuracy.

Classification General Classification +3