hypergraph partitioning

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Co-clustering Vertices and Hyperedges via Spectral Hypergraph Partitioning

yuzhu2019/hypergraph_cocluster 19 Feb 2021

We propose a novel method to co-cluster the vertices and hyperedges of hypergraphs with edge-dependent vertex weights (EDVWs).

hypergraph partitioning

19 Feb 2021

Inhomogeneous Hypergraph Clustering with Applications

lipan00123/InHclustering NeurIPS 2017

Hypergraph partitioning is an important problem in machine learning, computer vision and network analytics.

hypergraph partitioning

05 Sep 2017

Improving Coarsening Schemes for Hypergraph Partitioning by Exploiting Community Structure

SebastianSchlag/kahypar SEA 2017 2017

We present an improved coarsening process for multilevel hypergraph partitioning that incorporates global information about the community structure.

Community Detection graph partitioning +1

01 Jan 2017