Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution

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Learning Spatial-Spectral Prior for Super-Resolution of Hyperspectral Imagery

junjun-jiang/Hyperspectral-Image-Super-Resolution-Benchmark 18 May 2020

Recently, single gray/RGB image super-resolution reconstruction task has been extensively studied and made significant progress by leveraging the advanced machine learning techniques based on deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs).

Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution with Spectral Mixup and Heterogeneous Datasets

kli8996/HSISR 19 Jan 2021

With these contributions, our method is able to learn from heterogeneous datasets and lift the requirement for having a large amount of HD HSI training samples.

Unsupervised and Unregistered Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution with Mutual Dirichlet-Net

yingutk/u2MDN 27 Apr 2019

With this design, the network allows to extract correlated spectral and spatial information from unregistered images that better preserves the spectral information.

Hyperspectral Image Super-resolution via Deep Progressive Zero-centric Residual Learning

zbzhzhy/PZRes-Net 18 Jun 2020

Specifically, PZRes-Net learns a high resolution and \textit{zero-centric} residual image, which contains high-frequency spatial details of the scene across all spectral bands, from both inputs in a progressive fashion along the spectral dimension.

Cross-Attention in Coupled Unmixing Nets for Unsupervised Hyperspectral Super-Resolution

danfenghong/ECCV2020_CUCaNet ECCV 2020

The recent advancement of deep learning techniques has made great progress on hyperspectral image super-resolution (HSI-SR).

Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution via Deep Prior Regularization with Parameter Estimation

xiuheng-wang/Sylvester_TSFN_MDC_HSI_superresolution 9 Sep 2020

Furthermore, the regularization parameter is simultaneously estimated to automatically adjust contribution of the physical model and {the} learned prior to reconstruct the final HR HSI.

Pansharpening PRISMA Data for Marine Plastic Litter Detection Using Plastic Indexes

vkristoll/Pansharpening-PRISMA-CNNs IEEE Access 2021

The required pre-processing steps have been defined and 13 pansharpening methods have been applied and evaluated for their ability to spectrally discriminate plastics from water.

Enhanced Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution via RGB Fusion and TV-TV Minimization

marijavella/hs-sr-tvtv 13 Jun 2021

Such methods, however, cannot guarantee that the input measurements are satisfied in the recovered image, since the learned parameters by the network are applied to every test image.

Hyperspectral Image Super-resolution with Deep Priors and Degradation Model Inversion

xiuheng-wang/Deep_gradient_HSI_superresolution 24 Jan 2022

To overcome inherent hardware limitations of hyperspectral imaging systems with respect to their spatial resolution, fusion-based hyperspectral image (HSI) super-resolution is attracting increasing attention.

Dual-Stage Approach Toward Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution

qianngli/dualsr 9 Apr 2022

Hyperspectral image produces high spectral resolution at the sacrifice of spatial resolution.