ICU Mortality

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Prediction of a patient mortality in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) given its first hours of Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Most implemented papers

Dynamic Measurement Scheduling for Event Forecasting using Deep RL

zzzace2000/autodiagnosis 24 Jan 2019

We answer this question by deep reinforcement learning (RL) that jointly minimizes the measurement cost and maximizes predictive gain, by scheduling strategically-timed measurements.

ISeeU2: Visually Interpretable ICU mortality prediction using deep learning and free-text medical notes

williamcaicedo/ISeeU2 19 May 2020

Accurate mortality prediction allows Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to adequately benchmark clinical practice and identify patients with unexpected outcomes.

HiRID-ICU-Benchmark -- A Comprehensive Machine Learning Benchmark on High-resolution ICU Data

ratschlab/HIRID-ICU-Benchmark NeurIPS Datasets and Benchmarks 2021

The recent success of machine learning methods applied to time series collected from Intensive Care Units (ICU) exposes the lack of standardized machine learning benchmarks for developing and comparing such methods.

FLICU: A Federated Learning Workflow for Intensive Care Unit Mortality Prediction

randlbem/early_icu_mortality_prediction_with_deep_fl 30 May 2022

Thus, the federated approach can be seen as a valid and privacy-preserving alternative to centralized machine learning for classifying ICU mortality when sharing sensitive patient data between hospitals is not possible.

Early prediction of the risk of ICU mortality with Deep Federated Learning

randlbem/early_icu_mortality_prediction_with_deep_fl 1 Dec 2022

In this study, we evaluate the ability of deep Federated Learning to predict the risk of Intensive Care Unit mortality at an early stage.