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Given an image, generate variations of the image

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Deep-Emotion: Facial Expression Recognition Using Attentional Convolutional Network

omarsayed7/Deep-Emotion 4 Feb 2019

In recent years, several works proposed an end-to-end framework for facial expression recognition, using deep learning models.

Versatile Diffusion: Text, Images and Variations All in One Diffusion Model

shi-labs/versatile-diffusion 15 Nov 2022

Through our experiments, we demonstrate that VD and its underlying framework have the following merits: a) VD handles all subtasks with competitive quality; b) VD initiates novel extensions and applications such as disentanglement of style and semantic, image-text dual-guided generation, etc.

A Geometric Analysis of Deep Generative Image Models and Its Applications

Animadversio/GAN-Geometry ICLR 2021

We show that the use of this metric allows for more efficient optimization in the latent space (e. g. GAN inversion) and facilitates unsupervised discovery of interpretable axes.

The Geometry of Deep Generative Image Models and its Applications

Animadversio/GAN-Geometry 15 Jan 2021

Our results illustrate that defining the geometry of the GAN image manifold can serve as a general framework for understanding GANs.

The Way to my Heart is through Contrastive Learning: Remote Photoplethysmography from Unlabelled Video

toyotaresearchinstitute/remoteppg ICCV 2021

The ability to reliably estimate physiological signals from video is a powerful tool in low-cost, pre-clinical health monitoring.