Information Retrieval

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Information retrieval is the task of ranking a list of documents or search results in response to a query

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Latest papers without code

Meta-Inductive Node Classification across Graphs

14 May 2021

That is, MI-GNN does not directly learn an inductive model; it learns the general knowledge of how to train a model for semi-supervised node classification on new graphs.

Information Retrieval Intent Classification +2

Chord Recognition- Music and Audio Information Retrieval

14 May 2021

All of the findings indicate that modern rock and metal music can be analysed, despite its complexity, but that further research is needed in this area to make it useful.

Chord Recognition Information Retrieval +1

Fairness and Discrimination in Information Access Systems

12 May 2021

Recommendation, information retrieval, and other information access systems pose unique challenges for investigating and applying the fairness and non-discrimination concepts that have been developed for studying other machine learning systems.

Fairness Information Retrieval

A Statistical Model for Melody Reduction

12 May 2021

Using metric position, duration, and melodic intervals as predictors, we build a statistical model for predicting chord tones using the TAVERN dataset.

Information Retrieval Music Information Retrieval

Backretrieval: An Image-Pivoted Evaluation Metric for Cross-Lingual Text Representations Without Parallel Corpora

11 May 2021

Cross-lingual text representations have gained popularity lately and act as the backbone of many tasks such as unsupervised machine translation and cross-lingual information retrieval, to name a few.

Information Retrieval Unsupervised Machine Translation

Recent Advances in Deep Learning-based Dialogue Systems

10 May 2021

We comprehensively review state-of-the-art research outcomes in dialogue systems and analyze them from two angles: model type and system type.

Information Retrieval Question Answering

Rethinking Search: Making Experts out of Dilettantes

5 May 2021

When experiencing an information need, users want to engage with an expert, but often turn to an information retrieval system, such as a search engine, instead.

Information Retrieval Question Answering

Unsupervised Document Expansion for Information Retrieval with Stochastic Text Generation

3 May 2021

In this paper, we propose an Unsupervised Document Expansion with Generation (UDEG) framework with a pre-trained language model, which generates diverse supplementary sentences for the original document without using labels on query-document pairs for training.

Information Retrieval Language Modelling +1

SmoothI: Smooth Rank Indicators for Differentiable IR Metrics

3 May 2021

To address this shortcoming, we propose SmoothI, a smooth approximation of rank indicators that serves as a basic building block to devise differentiable approximations of IR metrics.

Information Retrieval Learning-To-Rank

MathBERT: A Pre-Trained Model for Mathematical Formula Understanding

2 May 2021

Large-scale pre-trained models like BERT, have obtained a great success in various Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks, while it is still a challenge to adapt them to the math-related tasks.

Information Retrieval Semantic correspondence +1