Information Retrieval

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Information retrieval is the task of ranking a list of documents or search results in response to a query

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Priberam at MESINESP Multi-label Classification of Medical Texts Task

Priberam/mesinesp-svm 12 May 2021

Information retrieval tools are crucial in order to navigate and provide meaningful recommendations for articles and treatments.

Extreme Multi-Label Classification Hierarchical structure +2

12 May 2021

Conversational Entity Linking: Problem Definition and Datasets

informagi/conversational-entity-linking 11 May 2021

Further, we report on the performance of traditional EL systems on our Conversational Entity Linking dataset, ConEL, and present an extension to these methods to better fit the conversational setting.

Entity Linking Information Retrieval

11 May 2021

SHREC 2021 track: Retrieval and classification of protein surfaces equipped with physical and chemical properties

KoksiHub/Methods-For-SHREC-2021-Protein-Retrieval-and-Classification-Datasets 11 May 2021

This paper presents the methods that have participated in the SHREC 2021 contest on retrieval and classification of protein surfaces on the basis of their geometry and physicochemical properties.

Information Retrieval

11 May 2021

Wiki-Reliability: A Large Scale Dataset for Content Reliability on Wikipedia

kay-wong/Wiki-Reliability 10 May 2021

Templates are tags used by expert Wikipedia editors to indicate content issues, such as the presence of "non-neutral point of view" or "contradictory articles", and serve as a strong signal for detecting reliability issues in a revision.

Information Retrieval

10 May 2021

Introducing Information Retrieval for Biomedical Informatics Students

dbmi-pitt/bioinf_teachingNLP 6 May 2021

Introducing biomedical informatics (BMI) students to natural language processing (NLP) requires balancing technical depth with practical know-how to address application-focused needs.

Information Retrieval

06 May 2021

Societal Biases in Retrieved Contents: Measurement Framework and Adversarial Mitigation for BERT Rankers

CPJKU/information_retrieval_fairness_debiasing 28 Apr 2021

In this work, we first provide a novel framework to measure the fairness in the retrieved text contents of ranking models.

Fairness Information Retrieval +4

28 Apr 2021

Learning Passage Impacts for Inverted Indexes

DI4IR/SIGIR2021 24 Apr 2021

Neural information retrieval systems typically use a cascading pipeline, in which a first-stage model retrieves a candidate set of documents and one or more subsequent stages re-rank this set using contextualized language models such as BERT.

Information Retrieval Language Modelling +1

24 Apr 2021

Interpretation of multi-label classification models using shapley values

jialei1107/Final 21 Apr 2021

Multi-label classification is a type of classification task, it is used when there are two or more classes, and the data point we want to predict may belong to none of the classes or all of them at the same time.

General Classification Information Retrieval +1

21 Apr 2021

BEIR: A Heterogenous Benchmark for Zero-shot Evaluation of Information Retrieval Models

UKPLab/beir 17 Apr 2021

Neural IR models have often been studied in homogeneous and narrow settings, which has considerably limited insights into their generalization capabilities.

Argument Retrieval Biomedical Information Retrieval +9

17 Apr 2021

TIE: A Framework for Embedding-based Incremental Temporal Knowledge Graph Completion

JiapengWu/Time-Aware-Incremental-Embedding 17 Apr 2021

The model has to adapt to changes in the TKG for efficient training and inference while preserving its performance on historical knowledge.

Decision Making Information Retrieval +3

17 Apr 2021