Injury Prediction

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Intimate Partner Violence and Injury Prediction From Radiology Reports

no code yet • 28 Aug 2020

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is an urgent, prevalent, and under-detected public health issue.

Injury Prediction

AI-based Prediction of Independent Construction Safety Outcomes from Universal Attributes

no code yet • 16 Aug 2019

This paper significantly improves on, and finishes to validate, an approach proposed in previous research in which safety outcomes were predicted from attributes with machine learning.

Injury Prediction

A Radiomics Approach to Traumatic Brain Injury Prediction in CT Scans

no code yet • 14 Nov 2018

Relevant shape, intensity and texture biomarkers characterizing the different lesions are isolated and a lesion predictive model is built by using Partial Least Squares.

Decision Making Injury Prediction +1

Predictive modelling of training loads and injury in Australian football

no code yet • 14 Jun 2017

Focusing the modelling approach on specific injury types and increasing the amount of training data may lead to the development of improved predictive models for injury prevention.

Injury Prediction

Predictive modelling of football injuries

no code yet • 20 Sep 2016

Predicting the recovery time of football injuries using the UEFA injury recordings: The UEFA recordings is a common standard for recording injuries in professional football.

Feature Selection Injury Prediction