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Visual Instance Search is the task of retrieving from a database of images the ones that contain an instance of a visual query. It is typically much more challenging than finding images from the database that contain objects belonging to the same category as the object in the query. If the visual query is an image of a shoe, visual Instance Search does not try to find images of shoes, which might differ from the query in shape, color or size, but tries to find images of the exact same shoe as the one in the query image. Visual Instance Search challenges image representations as the features extracted from the images must enable such fine-grained recognition despite variations in viewpoints, scale, position, illumination, etc. Whereas holistic image representations, where each image is mapped to a single high-dimensional vector, are sufficient for coarse-grained similarity retrieval, local features are needed for instance retrieval.

Source: Dynamicity and Durability in Scalable Visual Instance Search


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Faster R-CNN Features for Instance Search

imatge-upc/retrieval-2016-deepvision 29 Apr 2016

This work explores the suitability for instance retrieval of image- and region-wise representations pooled from an object detection CNN such as Faster R-CNN.

Instance Search Object Detection +1

Class-Weighted Convolutional Features for Visual Instance Search

imatge-upc/retrieval-2017-cam 9 Jul 2017

In this paper, we go beyond this spatial information and propose a local-aware encoding of convolutional features based on semantic information predicted in the target image.

Image Retrieval Instance Search +1

GlobalTrack: A Simple and Strong Baseline for Long-term Tracking

huanglianghua/GlobalTrack 18 Dec 2019

Specifically, we propose GlobalTrack, a pure global instance search based tracker that makes no assumption on the temporal consistency of the target's positions and scales.

Instance Search

Bags of Local Convolutional Features for Scalable Instance Search

imatge-upc/retrieval-2016-icmr 15 Apr 2016

This work proposes a simple instance retrieval pipeline based on encoding the convolutional features of CNN using the bag of words aggregation scheme (BoW).

Instance Search