Irregular Time Series

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Irregular Time Series


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Neural Controlled Differential Equations for Irregular Time Series

patrick-kidger/NeuralCDE NeurIPS 2020

The resulting \emph{neural controlled differential equation} model is directly applicable to the general setting of partially-observed irregularly-sampled multivariate time series, and (unlike previous work on this problem) it may utilise memory-efficient adjoint-based backpropagation even across observations.

Neural Rough Differential Equations for Long Time Series

patrick-kidger/torchcde 17 Sep 2020

Neural controlled differential equations (CDEs) are the continuous-time analogue of recurrent neural networks, as Neural ODEs are to residual networks, and offer a memory-efficient continuous-time way to model functions of potentially irregular time series.

On Neural Differential Equations

rtqichen/torchdiffeq 4 Feb 2022

Topics include: neural ordinary differential equations (e. g. for hybrid neural/mechanistic modelling of physical systems); neural controlled differential equations (e. g. for learning functions of irregular time series); and neural stochastic differential equations (e. g. to produce generative models capable of representing complex stochastic dynamics, or sampling from complex high-dimensional distributions).

Path Imputation Strategies for Signature Models of Irregular Time Series

BorgwardtLab/GP-PoM 25 May 2020

The signature transform is a 'universal nonlinearity' on the space of continuous vector-valued paths, and has received attention for use in machine learning on time series.

Generalised Interpretable Shapelets for Irregular Time Series

patrick-kidger/generalised_shapelets 28 May 2020

The shapelet transform is a form of feature extraction for time series, in which a time series is described by its similarity to each of a collection of `shapelets'.

Neural Controlled Differential Equations for Online Prediction Tasks

patrick-kidger/torchcde 21 Jun 2021

This is fine when the whole time series is observed in advance, but means that Neural CDEs are not suitable for use in \textit{online prediction tasks}, where predictions need to be made in real-time: a major use case for recurrent networks.

Modeling Continuous Stochastic Processes with Dynamic Normalizing Flows

BorealisAI/continuous-time-flow-process NeurIPS 2020

Normalizing flows transform a simple base distribution into a complex target distribution and have proved to be powerful models for data generation and density estimation.

Attentive Neural Controlled Differential Equations for Time-series Classification and Forecasting

sheoyon-jhin/ancde 4 Sep 2021

Neural networks inspired by differential equations have proliferated for the past several years.

Modeling Irregular Time Series with Continuous Recurrent Units

boschresearch/continuous-recurrent-units 22 Nov 2021

Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are a popular choice for modeling sequential data.

SurvODE: Extrapolating Gene Expression Distribution for Early Cancer Identification

ct123098/survode 30 Nov 2021

With the increasingly available large-scale cancer genomics datasets, machine learning approaches have played an important role in revealing novel insights into cancer development.