Irregular Time Series

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Irregular Time Series


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Neural Controlled Differential Equations for Irregular Time Series

patrick-kidger/NeuralCDE NeurIPS 2020

The resulting \emph{neural controlled differential equation} model is directly applicable to the general setting of partially-observed irregularly-sampled multivariate time series, and (unlike previous work on this problem) it may utilise memory-efficient adjoint-based backpropagation even across observations.

PyPOTS: A Python Toolbox for Data Mining on Partially-Observed Time Series

WenjieDu/PyPOTS 30 May 2023

PyPOTS is an open-source Python library dedicated to data mining and analysis on multivariate partially-observed time series, i. e. incomplete time series with missing values, A. K. A.

Neural Rough Differential Equations for Long Time Series

patrick-kidger/torchcde 17 Sep 2020

Neural controlled differential equations (CDEs) are the continuous-time analogue of recurrent neural networks, as Neural ODEs are to residual networks, and offer a memory-efficient continuous-time way to model functions of potentially irregular time series.

On Neural Differential Equations

rtqichen/torchdiffeq 4 Feb 2022

Topics include: neural ordinary differential equations (e. g. for hybrid neural/mechanistic modelling of physical systems); neural controlled differential equations (e. g. for learning functions of irregular time series); and neural stochastic differential equations (e. g. to produce generative models capable of representing complex stochastic dynamics, or sampling from complex high-dimensional distributions).

Path Imputation Strategies for Signature Models of Irregular Time Series

BorgwardtLab/GP-PoM 25 May 2020

The signature transform is a 'universal nonlinearity' on the space of continuous vector-valued paths, and has received attention for use in machine learning on time series.

Generalised Interpretable Shapelets for Irregular Time Series

patrick-kidger/generalised_shapelets 28 May 2020

The shapelet transform is a form of feature extraction for time series, in which a time series is described by its similarity to each of a collection of `shapelets'.

Neural Controlled Differential Equations for Online Prediction Tasks

patrick-kidger/torchcde 21 Jun 2021

This is fine when the whole time series is observed in advance, but means that Neural CDEs are not suitable for use in \textit{online prediction tasks}, where predictions need to be made in real-time: a major use case for recurrent networks.

Synthcity: facilitating innovative use cases of synthetic data in different data modalities

vanderschaarlab/synthcity 18 Jan 2023

Synthcity is an open-source software package for innovative use cases of synthetic data in ML fairness, privacy and augmentation across diverse tabular data modalities, including static data, regular and irregular time series, data with censoring, multi-source data, composite data, and more.

Modeling Continuous Stochastic Processes with Dynamic Normalizing Flows

BorealisAI/continuous-time-flow-process NeurIPS 2020

Normalizing flows transform a simple base distribution into a complex target distribution and have proved to be powerful models for data generation and density estimation.

Attentive Neural Controlled Differential Equations for Time-series Classification and Forecasting

sheoyon-jhin/ancde 4 Sep 2021

Neural networks inspired by differential equations have proliferated for the past several years.