Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation

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Most implemented papers

Boundary loss for highly unbalanced segmentation

LIVIAETS/surface-loss 17 Dec 2018

We propose a boundary loss, which takes the form of a distance metric on the space of contours, not regions.

Acute and sub-acute stroke lesion segmentation from multimodal MRI

NIC-VICOROB/SUNet-architecture 31 Oct 2018

Acute stroke lesion segmentation tasks are of great clinical interest as they can help doctors make better informed treatment decisions.

Predicting Clinical Outcome of Stroke Patients with Tractographic Feature

pykao/ISLES2017-mRS-prediction 22 Jul 2019

However, the presence of stroke lesion may cause neural disruptions to other brain regions, and these potentially damaged regions may affect the clinical outcome of stroke patients.

ISLES 2022: A multi-center magnetic resonance imaging stroke lesion segmentation dataset

ezequieldlrosa/isles22 14 Jun 2022

The test dataset will be used for model validation only and will not be released to the public.

Self-Supervised Few-Shot Learning for Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation

biomedical-data-analysis-laboratory/adnet-for-ais-segmentation 2 Mar 2023

Precise ischemic lesion segmentation plays an essential role in improving diagnosis and treatment planning for ischemic stroke, one of the prevalent diseases with the highest mortality rate.