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Training a Fully Convolutional Neural Network to Route Integrated Circuits

sjain-stanford/deep-route 27 Jun 2017

After 15 fully convolutional stages followed by a score comparator, the network outputs 8 layout layers (corresponding to 4 route layers, 3 via layers and an identity-mapped pin layer) which are then decoded to obtain the routed layouts.

A Deep Generative Model for Graph Layout

preddy5/A-Deep-Generative-Model-for-Graph-Layout 27 Apr 2019

To provide users with an intuitive way to navigate the layout design space, we present a technique to systematically visualize a graph in diverse layouts using deep generative models.

GRIDS: Interactive Layout Design with Integer Programming

aalto-ui/GRIDS 9 Jan 2020

Grid layouts are used by designers to spatially organise user interfaces when sketching and wireframing.

A Deep Neural Network Surrogate Modeling Benchmark for Temperature Field Prediction of Heat Source Layout

idrl-lab/supervised_layout_benchmark 20 Mar 2021

Thermal issue is of great importance during layout design of heat source components in systems engineering, especially for high functional-density products.

iPLAN: Interactive and Procedural Layout Planning

realcrane/iPLAN-Interactive-and-Procedural-Layout-Planning CVPR 2022

However, the capability of involving humans into the loop has been largely ignored in existing methods which are mostly end-to-end approaches.

Aesthetic Text Logo Synthesis via Content-aware Layout Inferring

yizhiwang96/textlogolayout CVPR 2022

To train and evaluate our approach, we construct a dataset named as TextLogo3K, consisting of about 3, 500 text logo images and their pixel-level annotations.

ReCo: A Dataset for Residential Community Layout Planning

fdudsde/reco-dataset 8 Jun 2022

In order to address the issues and advance a benchmark dataset for various intelligent spatial design and analysis applications in the development of smart city, we introduce Residential Community Layout Planning (ReCo) Dataset, which is the first and largest open-source vector dataset related to real-world community to date.

MGG: Accelerating Graph Neural Networks with Fine-grained intra-kernel Communication-Computation Pipelining on Multi-GPU Platforms

YukeWang96/MGG-OSDI23-AE 14 Sep 2022

For irregularly sparse and fine-grained GNN workloads, such solutions miss the opportunity to jointly schedule/optimize the computation and communication operations for high-performance delivery.

Design Process is a Reinforcement Learning Problem

rezakakooee/rldesigner 6 Nov 2022

While reinforcement learning has been used widely in research during the past few years, it found fewer real-world applications than supervised learning due to some weaknesses that the RL algorithms suffer from, such as performance degradation in transitioning from the simulator to the real world.